New Spectra Geospatial SP20

Get the Rugged, User-Friendly SP20 for less than $100 a month!

Spectra SP20 GNSS Handheld


Package Includes:
  • SP20 GNSS Handheld 4G/WiFi w/Option Meter AccuracyUniversal A/C Battery charger and international plugs
  • Li-Ion Battery
  • USB Cable
  • SP20 Monopole adaptor
  • SP20 soft pouch
  • 2 * Screen Protector for MobileMapper 50
  • MobileMapper 50 Quick Start Guide



Product Highlights
  • camera-enabled data collection
  • ergonomic, scalable solution (meter to cm accuracy)
  • rugged and lightweight
  • Android operating system for great 3rd party application support
  • designed to work with your budget


**Additional Mapping or Survey Software Extra**

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